It was dreadful sometimes. I often thought that the realization of this film project would still take years. How is it actually possible to be able to intellectually meet this complex topic? But then one day the decision was made. I began searching for travelers, for adventurers and globetrotters. Every interview is one piece of the puzzle. When I began my own journey it not only condensed everything for the film series, but also my own life. 
Returning home is hard. It is not the same country anymore, not the same friends, not the same concept of life. But all this catered to this great essence of many intense conversations with world travelers and the 12-month journey for the first season. 

 Lei Jona, filmmaker


I never have thought as much, never did I really live, never had I been myself as much as during my travels. If I stick to one place, I am unable to think. It is necessary that my body is in motion in order for my spirit to be in motion. Views of the countryside, the rounds of sweet outlooks, the free air, the cast-off of everything that keeps me in dependency, widens my soul and turns me into a bold thinker” 

  Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778), French –Swiss philosopher, author and poet