The team of Touratech has done an amazing job! Again and again they were the port of call during my journey. As coordinator, helper, supporter, sponsor and advisor – in 4 countries.

BMW Motorrad

Even though I have my own bike, the “Zebra”, BMW is cooperating partner, especially during the “Preselection Tours”. Not only are the equipment features a huge support, but also the easy-going and friendly cooperation in the Marketing division.


They are the global traveller’s best mate dedicated to creating innovative ways to help keep your gear secure. Thanks a lot for the bags, which where always the best gear on our 12 month trip.

Dane Motorbike clothes

Everything was put to the test. DANE was not just a decision. Quality really pays off, especially during adventure trips.

Scandic Outdoor GmbH

Thank you for the down-to-earth equipment and caretaking during the first season.Those who have been experienced travelling in tropical areas in full gear know exactly which materials do their job.

Woolpower Bekleidung

Again and again reliable and cherished is the wool, keeping warm and is able to cope with the day’s sweat. For the first tour of Season 1, everything was needed against the cold and the tropical heat. 

Stute Hengst Motorrad

The tremendous dedication, the personal commitment and an expertise with a sense of hope of an exceptional bike garage –
even though I am still not a mechanic, I definitely learned something.

Rheinklang Agentur

Courteous, objective, incredibly nice and well-organized.I would like to thank Rheinklang for their extensive work in the first phase. Special thanks to support the first part of the first season.

YUNEEC- electric aircraft

We thank Yuneec for the extensive introduction of our new acquisition. The Typhoon H convinced us, already with our first test recordings. We are curious about how it will be done when we use it in Iceland at our preselection tour.


Werner Hofmeister
Lea Greif
Herbert Jennerich
Andreas Séché
Antje Hess
Andrea und Frank Drossmann
Herbert Schwarz
Robin Box
John Regan
Andreas Ziffus
Uta Pithan
Denis Katzer
Denis Mourlane
Tom Andreas
Lama Ole Nydahl 
Henrietta Meindorf
Felix Eisenberg
Klemens Brem
Akos Nemeth



Anja Dennerlein, for the sacrificing hours, for consulting and your experience 
social  Amelie Metze, for the extensive very fast translation work
Rike Knospe, for any moral support and attention
social  Saman Razavi, for clever solutions for our website
Herbert Jennerich, for the tireless detect text errors of all kinds
buildings  Runge TV, thanks to the generous support of Carsten Götsche
social  Thomas Justus, Executive Producer, for valuable assistance, time and faith in Globaltrek
buildings  Werner Kubny, Filmemacher und mein Ausbilder, to support measures, especially in the beginning