By chance we met Tina and Stephan Hamann. We drive the same campers and did not marvel. Then everything else was discussed. The two are in preparation for a 1-year turn with their sailboat. And not only that: they are third.
The 6-year-old Ella will experience the journey from the perspective of a child.
They give it for the first time something in Germany. We are there from the beginning and document their extensive preparations
And everything that comes.

Sailing Trinity: a family goes sailing
From Tina (37), Stephan (55) and Ella (6)

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The soft voice in our hearts and our ears grew louder and the courage and confidence to dare something completely different.
Life has taught us that postponing dreams sometimes means that they never live because one is sick, suddenly dies, or life can strike in a different way.
So for us it was really 2016 for us to really start in the direction of big dream. It was also the boat that we had been looking for in vain for five years: “Trinitiy”, an Alubat OVNI made of aluminum with a sword.
And even if we only want to sail in the summer of 2018, the journey has started with the day of our decision. Until we start, we live between two worlds.

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The Reiseroute could look as follows: from Turkey to the west – Gibraltar – Portugal – Madeira – Canary Islands – Atlantic – Caribbean – and the Azores back to Europe. Knowing that needs and goals can change, the route is no more than a possibility of many.
We can only guess the origins of our dream.
We trust that the journey will give us the gift our soul desires.
For from our heart will come what is for us in this life.
Sometimes gentle and sometimes with full force and unexpected, unpainted and naked.

We will grow at our borders and beyond, grow together and together and probably we will also feel the failure
to get to know. We will discover our core, our injuries, our fears and our strengths. Let our convictions shake and find new truths. Will lose us and find us in our counterpart, all the strangers and the numerous challenges. We want to show our daughter Ella the world, reward her childish openness with good experiences, show her her strengths without passing her vulnerability.
We want to have fun and live.

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to be continue…